About Miss Wales and Miss World

The Miss Wales competition has been going since the 1950’s and in recent years has grown to become more popular than ever with around 1,000 women registering an interest in the competition each year. 

The winner is automatically guaranteed a place at the most respected and established beauty contest in the world - Miss World. She also wins an exciting package of prizes. In recent years, the competition has also raised more than £600,000 for children’s charities in Wales.

It has been more than 40 years since Miss Wales won the Miss World title but in 2012, Sophie Moulds from Ferndale did come second so we are sure we can win it again!

The media interest in the competition is phenomenal. Each year, it features in the local, regional, national and specialist press and media.

It’s a great opportunity to glam up, have fun and make a difference. And for one lucky lady, there’s the trip in a lifetime to Miss World.

Miss World really is the most incredible opportunity for one lucky lady from Wales every year. It's a chance to come together with young women from more than 100 countries worldwide. Usually, the Miss World tour involves at least a month long visit to an exotic overseas location involving an incredible diary of unforgettable experience for the candidates. The schedule will incude everything from dinners and photo shoots to charitable activities, sightseeing and media opportunities all under the banner of Beauty With A Purpose.

It's an opportunity to make memories for a lifetime, friends in every corner of the world and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience that money just can't buy! If you like adventure, love experiencng the unknown and celebrating young women - you will adore the Miss Wales and Miss World experience!