What the girls say

Rhiannon, Blaenau Gwent

I can describe my Miss Wales experience as simply amazing! My journey from day one has just been brilliant. From raising money for a well deserved charity to meeting other girls from each corner of Wales, I can truly say I’ve made friends for life. It's given me the motivation to never give up on anything in life even when you have been knocked back, turn negatives into positive and get back up and try again. I feel like it’s only the beginning for me now and I'm going to give my all into everything I do because there’s no stopping me now! 'I aim to be a role model, not a super model' a quote close to my heart which I still intend to portray to younger women! Miss Wales has definitely been an experience I will never forget. I’d recommend any young ambitious woman to grab this opportunity with both hand and show Wales we have something to be proud of.

Lowri, Neath Port Talbot

Miss Wales is without a doubt one of the best confidence boosters any young woman can do! You feel yourself grow as a person but also see other finalists becoming confident within themselves. You may look forward to the three day final, but in fact the final begins when you have that call saying you're a finalist. The excitement just explodes inside of you and you're on a high buzz for months. Even now that the final is over I'm still beaming with happiness and proud to be representing my area. I have made so many great friends and met some amazing people, I wouldn't change any of the experience for the world, and I'd encourage any young woman to apply for Miss Wales!

Emilie, Monmouthshire

I had never done anything like Miss Wales before, and it has completely changed my life. I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life. Applying was possibly one of the best decisions I could of ever made as now, I am more focused, determined, confident and most importantly, happy being me :) Everyone of the girls was lovely and everyone supports you. You forget you are in competition with each other and have immense fun. I have made some true lifelong friends and I would tell any young woman to apply, as the difference it had made to my life is truly amazing. It is hard to put the experience in to words as it seems like the fastest and most memorable three days of your life. I guarantee you will never do so much in three days again!

Danielle, Rhondda Cynon Taf

Being a Miss Wales finalist has to be one of the most memorable and special experiences of my life so far. It was so gratifying knowing that whilst we were enjoying the glamorous side of pageants, we were using the platform to raise awareness and money for many worthy charitable organisations. I have met so many wonderful girls who are beautiful on the inside and out. I, from the bottom of my heart would recommend to any young woman to grab this opportunity with both hands and to give it everything they have. Thank you for helping me make very special memories that I will cherish forever, Vibe.

Helen, Gwynedd

I'd never of considered myself a pageant girl, I lacked the height, the stage confidence and the presence-or so I thought! I signed up in complete hesitance, the idea of it had always been something I'd thought of, dreamed about but never had it been put into action. I had previously entered my older sister into it two years before I signed up, she told me of the amazing experience. And sheer impulse led me to 'go for it' for the 'why not' . It's possibly one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. To say the competition changed me would be an understatement, I can't even find the right words to express the change! All I can tell you is that I travelled back up North on the Sunday after the final a confident, focused, proud, determined and very empowered young woman! And I'm sure if you asked any of the girls within the competition , they would say the same. I would urge anyone to go for it, I have no regrets and so many fond memories! I can call each girl who entered a good friend, we all worked together and I will never forget it Go for it. You won't regret it!

Sarah-Jayne, Caerphilly

What an experience! Being a finalist has allowed me to meet the most inspirational people from all walks of life. I have really embraced and used my title, creating positivity in young women’s lives. My aim this year was to change the views of girls who come from the Valleys and show that we are intelligent and beautiful showing that we use the beauty for the good of others. In total I have nearly raised £1500 for the Miss Wales charity. This fantastic amount has left me feeling so proud of myself. The girls in the Miss Wales competition were fantastic and lifelong friends. Everyone was so supportive and lovely to each other it made the journey a thousand times better. If anyone was thinking of entering Miss Wales I would tell them to do it! It is the most wonderful feeling and gives you confidence I thought I never had.

Sophie, Torfaen

Where to start? Firstly I’d like to thank everyone involved for making Miss Wales the most memorable experience of my life. It’s strange looking back that I’d ever have the confidence to get on that stage and be proud to be me, I’ll always look back fondly at clicking on the Miss Wales website and applying for Miss Torfaen 2013 even though I never expected to get past that first hurdle! The day I got the email that confirmed I made it to the regional final I was over the moon, The competition has gave me so much to be thankful for, the confidence to get out there and be me, the honour of working alongside a brilliant charity. The three day marathon was, quite simply the most eye opening experience of my life that truly showed me the true meaning of woman empowerment, I even have a broken wooden board to show for it! To every young woman out there, I encourage you to apply for Miss Wales even if you think you think you wouldn't get anywhere because at the end of the day it’s about the life changing experience this competition brings that money can’t buy!