Thank you for your interest in entering the Miss Wales competition!!

This is how it works…

Regional teams are selected to take part in the Miss Wales event, like Team Cardiff, Team Swansea and so on.

Every girl in each team takes part in the Miss Wales grand final weekend. The girl who has the highest score in her team on the night of the Miss Wales final wins the regional title of Miss Cardiff, Miss Swansea etc.

Then, the girl who does the best overall wins Miss Wales and goes on to represent Wales at Miss World.

You can take part in the Miss Wales final up to three times. So if you’ve taken part before, you are welcome to try again! If you’ve won a regional title before like Miss Cardiff or Miss Swansea, you need to go through our fast-track selection process.

Rules of entry:

  • you must be Welsh (or have Welsh heritage) or have lived in Wales for more than five years
  • you must be at least 16 years and six months old - and no more than 26 years old (by the time of the Miss World entry datel that year. This is usually November)
  • you should never have been married
  • you should never have had children
  • you must only apply for a region if you have grown up/live, work or do your studies there. 

Click here for the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Please look for your region below and enter now! We look forward to receiving your application