Amanda Lever - Miss Wales 2016 finalist - April 2016

6 April 2016
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6 April 2016, Comments 0

Well… what can I say? Being a Miss Wales finalist has turned out to be much more rewarding than I could have imagined. As someone who has always been quite shy and found it hard to fit in, this experience has helped to bring me out of my shell. I have met an amazing group of women who are so strong, intelligent and supportive. There’s an amazing unity that comes with taking part in Miss Wales that is really unique. I can honestly say I hope to keep in touch with as many of the women as possible. As well as the social side, Miss Wales encourages us finalists to raise money for Beauty With a Purpose. As I’m writing this blog, I am currently taking part in a personal challenge to live off £1 a day for 5 days. So far, I have raised over £100 through online sponsorship and I’m only on day 2. What an achievement, and what an amazing cause I am able to contribute to. The fundraising aspect of Miss Wales makes me feel so good to know that I’m making a difference to an underprivileged child somewhere in the world. On another note… I would never have thought that I would be able to live off £1 a day! No more hundreds of cups of tea a day! As well as the charity work I’ve taken part in, knowing that the final is approaching has encouraged me to get into shape. As someone who struggles to put on weight and look healthy, I decided that my goal was to get to 8 stone before the final and be in a fit and healthy state! That includes my mind and body. I must admit… I have completely transformed my body! I am currently at 7 stone 12lbs with two weeks to go until the final and I feel amazing! I am currently the most confident, happy and stress-free version of me I have ever been. The Miss Wales competition and everything that comes with it has definitely contributed to this.

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