Carys Chambers - Miss Wales 2016 finalist - April 2016

9 April 2016
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9 April 2016, Comments 0

Miss Wales 2016, what a journey! Since joining the Miss Wales girls in October it’s been non-stop.
As Team Swansea we have formed a very close relationship with Oystermouth Radio, a local Radio Station run purely by volunteers and supported by grants. During my interview something my interviewer said really rung true with myself.

She said “I can’t believe how much goes on behind the scenes and how really different each of you girls are to each other”. Since joining the team in October it really has been non-stop. People often wonder why Miss Wales, is the best! My answer to this is the variety and opportunities you are given through the journey. It isn’t a matter of turning up to the final with your gown and shoes, it’s about turning up to the final feeling accomplished. Feeling that you have achieved things you never would have achieved before and blossomed as strong independent woman.

Mostly for myself Miss Wales has provided a platform for fundraising. But not only fundraising for anything, a very worthy charity; Beauty With a Purpose, supporting deprived children globally. Having hosted and organised a Charity Ball in The Village Hotel Swansea; I became a Waitress, an MC and even an Auctioneer! A fantastic opportunity and evening, raising over £1,300 pounds! Another event I participated in was a sponsored swim on Boxing day, sporting a red Bay-Watch bather. After taking the plunge in the icy cold water it was fair to say, I really did push my limits! After getting over the initial brain-freeze I managed to raise over £400 pounds! I also got the opportunity to fund raise for Giving To Pink at the IntroBiz Networking Fair, another opportunity to develop professionalism. As a Team we even got to get involved with some composting, or as one of the girls called it ‘poo picking’ at Swansea Community Farm. Another fantastically run scheme providing individuals to get involved with farming. All of these events have really put into perspective how much support I receive from my friends and family, and without them it really would not have been possible.

A side that no one see’s is the relationship between the girls! It can be difficult sometimes due to everyone being so far a part, but I really am going to miss the WhatsApp group buzzing every minute! I’ve especially grown close to Team Swansea, but we will all definitely keep in touch and meet up for plenty of coffee and cake I’m sure. These girls are not my competition; they are friends for life.

Through Miss Wales I have also been able to promote engineering to young women. Articles in the Evening Post and Swansea Life have allowed me to tell my story as a female engineer and share what girls are missing out on! Another great addition to Miss Wales this year is the partnership with bullies out. Giving the future Miss Wales a chance to be a pro-active member of the charity, a whole new dimension to Miss Wales.

Finally, Miss Wales allows you to develop and grow as an individual. I’ve gained so much confidence as an individual. It teaches you to embrace yourself. Be proud of who you are as a person and never compare yourself to others.
I’ve loved my Miss Wales journey and without a doubt the final week is going to be crazy. I’m proud to say I’ve been a part of Miss Wales and wish every girl the best of luck as every one of the finalists deserve the crown!

Currently I am looking for another project to keep me as occupied as my Miss Wales journey has!

Diolch o galon i bawb am eich cefnogaeth!!

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