Chloe Dobbin - Miss Wales 2016 finalist - April 2016

5 April 2016
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5 April 2016, Comments 0

My father once told me ‘What you put in is what you get out’ and boy was he right!

On July the 24th 2015 I began the countdown to the biggest opportunity of my life…Miss Wales 2016! Since becoming a Miss Wales finalist I have thoroughly enjoyed this whirlwind of an experience. I feel honoured to be involved with an organisation that has taught me so much, to follow my dreams, to believe in myself, to never give up and these are only a handful. However, what I am most proud of is the person I have become. The encouragement from my family, friends and sponsor has been brilliant and quite frankly a godsend. Having others believe in me has reinforced my determination and courage to become the best version that I can be.

Ultimately the Miss Wales experience has been fun-filled and action packed and it hasn’t officially started yet. I have had the privilege of meeting like-minded young women who have similar goals, aspirations and ambitions as mine and I look forward to sharing the Miss Wales three day marathon with them. The Miss Wales platform has given me opportunities I could only dream of. From appearing in the Daily Star, featuring on the 6 o’clock ITV Wales News to attending Scrum V Live where I got to meet the rugby legends that are Shane and Martyn Williams.

Being a Miss Wales finalist is by no means easy and all great things in life require commitment, energy and drive. One of the greatest factors of Miss Wales and something I have grown quite fond of is fundraising. I have since developed a passion for planning and organising events, all in aid of the Miss World charity ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. At the beginning of my journey I set myself a fundraising target and took the challenge by storm, raising almost three times the original amount and I couldn’t be prouder! It is extremely satisfying seeing the rewards first hand and this is a feeling I will cherish forever.

So what’s happening now? As the countdown continues I am hunting for the finishing touches to add to my wardrobe. The words ‘Miss Wales’ fills my belly with excitement and has made its way into my daily vocabulary. I often find myself dreaming about the first time I step out on that stage and quite honestly I can’t wait! The Miss Wales organisation doesn’t just offer you confidence and the feeling of empowerment, it gives you the chance to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will not only celebrate your achievements but also the achievements of the women around you and most importantly you are left with incredible memories that will last a lifetime!

The last 257 days have been unforgettable and I have no doubt the next 11 days will be even more so. If you are considering entering Miss Wales my only advice is just do it and remember ‘‘what you put in is what you get out’!

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