Emily Griffiths - Miss Wales 2016 finalist - March 2016

11 March 2016
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11 March 2016, Comments 0

At the time of writing this, it is just over a month until the final and I can tell you this experience has flown by. I don’t want it to end! This journey has been the best “nothing to lose” experience I have ever pushed myself into applying for! I would encourage any young woman to apply, providing they have a level of self-confidence, enjoy empowering others and themselves, and want to make a difference. Having been a finalist for six months now, I am so grateful for the opportunities that have arisen from this experience. I have taken part in Emma’s, Miss Wales 2015 Farewell Fashion Show prior to her departing to compete for Miss World in China; I have been approached by a well-known clothing retailer; I have been on numerous photoshoots and met so many positive individuals – all experiences that have allowed my confidence to rocket! Not just as a person, but it’s been reflected in my university studies too. This would not have happened had I not took the plunge and applied. I could write a storybook from start to finish of this path I am on, but to summarise the proudness: I can look back and say that I was a Miss Wales 2016 finalist mainly due to Beauty With A Purpose, the Miss World charity for disadvantaged children. It is so rewarding knowing that money we have raised for the charity will be spent in the communities around us, and I feel it is such an achievement for all finalists to have raised the funds we have raised so far, and those we are still yet to raise! My purpose in this competition is to focus on life’s positives. Growing up, and now, watching my younger sister, I see that young girls and women feel they cannot always pursue what they want to, due to the opinion of others. I want to be that role model that encourages both younger AND older women to have self-confidence, to not feel judged – and to do that we must encourage empowerment and positivity. On a final note, the opportunities, personal development and growth would not have happened without Paula Abbandonato and Emma Jenkins, who have both helped the other Miss Wales finalists and I grow and strive as individuals, I will be eternally grateful.

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