Harley Edwards - Miss Wales 2016 finalist - March 2016

28 March 2016
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28 March 2016, Comments 0

Since it was announced that I was a Miss Wales Finalist for 2016, I have been constantly asked the same questions, one frequent one being “what made you apply?” At first, I never really knew how to answer the questions that were being fired, but I guess it was just thinking back to why I went for it in the first place – which was to gain confidence and perhaps to get the chance to do something I had never done before, get out of my comfort zone. I was hesitant to apply; it was only the fact a friend of mine tagged me in the Miss Wales Facebook post about applying for the 2016 competition. I said there was absolutely no chance when I first looked at the post – due to my lack of confidence, saying that I would not get through or even if I did – there was no way I would perform/talk on stage.

As time went on, I thought about it more and more. I spoke to my family, friends and partner as they persuaded me that I had nothing to lose. I did my research on Miss Wales, digging to find if I had to anything I didn’t want to do. The Miss Wales website helped me a lot by stating that there was no performance rounds, underwear/bikini rounds or talking on stage; after seeing all of this I applied right away.

After successfully making it through to the final after my interview with Paula, charity events began. The events have ranged from walking six miles in high heels (ouch!) with the other finalists, arranging my ‘girl’s night in’ charity night, attending a business exhibition and Maserati car garage with Giovanni and modelling for Emma Jenkins’ charity fashion show. The charity side of Miss Wales is what caught my attention and the fact we can help disadvantaged children along the way leading up to the final is really special.

The amount of support I have received off my family and friends and even people that do not know me personally has been really overwhelming. I have so many people behind me and they have all been willing to help me out without question; it really is amazing to have realised how many people are there for me. The journey so far has already helped to boost my confidence and I have stepped out of my comfort zone. I’ve also got to meet a big group of new people, as all of the other finalists are lovely; the girls have been inspiring and have set a good example. All of us get along well which is a bonus.

I am looking forward to see what the future holds, who will be crowned and the excitement of the three-day final. The other finalists and I have all agreed we want to enjoy ourselves, have fun and support one another. (Along with ensuring we tell each other what dresses we have, so no one turns up in the same one ha-ha!)

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