Laura Mitchell - Miss Wales 2016 finalist - March 2016

15 March 2016
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15 March 2016, Comments 0

As well as being an amazing charity fundraiser for Beauty With a Purpose, Miss Wales is also about empowering young women and building their confidence. And since being selected as a finalist I couldn’t agree more. The experiences that I have had during my time as a finalist has pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me do things I would never normally do. I’m normally a very shy person and self conscious but I have got involved in radio interviews, fund raising events and fashion shows, to name a few. When you’re made to do stuff outside of your comfort zone, your comfort zone expands and that’s what makes my confidence grow.

Each and every finalist has entered the competition for their own personal reasons. Miss Wales isn’t for everybody and not everyone will support it. But not everyone needs to understand this journey because it’s individual to us. The support that we do get has been overwhelming and without it, we wouldn’t be in this competition raising thousands of pounds for charity.
I will walk away from this experience with a completely different perception on beauty pageants. I’ve learnt that beauty and personality go hand in hand. The past and present beauty queens I’ve met during my Miss Wales experience are so genuine and down to earth. The other finalists in the competition are some of the nicest girls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and I’ve made some life long friends. We’re all really supportive of each other. Even though we’re all competing for the Crown, we’re also all empowering each other to do well and get the most out of this experience.

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