Miss Vale of Glamorgan - Zoe Hodgkinson

13 September 2014
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13 September 2014, Comments 0

So far on my miss vale of Glamorgan journey I have attended many events. One event I particularly enjoyed was the ‘young adults inspire awards’ this took place at Barry memorial hall. The event was organised to celebrate the ‘learning journeys’ of local people nominated for the national Niace Dysgu Cymru awards in Llandudno. I was lucky enough to be invited to this special event by Jane Hutt, she spent the evening with me explaining what young people there had done in order to be nominated for the awards also, introducing me to many of the nominees to hear each of their stories as what they hope to achieve in the future. Each nominee was presented with a certificate and each individual’s story was read out to the audience. Local awards were also presented during the evening by the Vale Mayor, including Learning Journey Awards and the Gail Hughes Award for learning in the community. This event was a real eye opened for me, it has given me an insight as to the extreme lengths people go to for others, I enjoyed meeting the young people and congratulating them on their journeys. I look forward to hopefully attending many more events this coming year.

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