Paula Abbandonato - Miss Wales Director - September 2014

23 September 2014
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23 September 2014, Comments 0

September is a key month for lots of people – end of summer hols, school, work, college, uni starts again and we’re all back in our routine.

For me it also marks the start of the pageant season – and my favourite bit of it too which is meeting the girls for the first time.

I’ve been doing this for years now, but every year I’m genuinely blown away by some of the girls I meet

It’s not unusual that I have a ‘stand out’ interview. And it’s happened already this year. It came from probably the least likely girl. She’s not from the best part of town and hasn’t had the best of backgrounds but crikey what drive! Everything she’s achieved, it seems to me, she’s done on her own. Some are small things, some are bigger things…but what a role model.

Other girls have come back for second interviews having not ‘made the cut’ last year. Fair play. I love it when people don’t give up.

I find it interesting the way girls ‘present’ themselves in these interviews too. A tip from me is to dress well, perhaps a nice pair of jeans and pretty top as well as heels. A smart day dress with heels is good too. There is no size or height restriction at Miss Wales but remember ladies it’s the 80 per cent you do with the 20 per cent you’ve got that matters – so do look like you’ve made an effort! I will have for you!

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