Paula Abbandonato - Miss Wales director - February 2016

15 February 2016
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15 February 2016, Comments 0

One of the questions I’m frequently asked is how I ‘choose’ the Miss Wales finalists every year.
What I’ve come to realise over time, is while I may appear to select who stands on the Miss Wales stage, it’s more accurate to say that the girls pretty much choose themselves.

Sadly, I have to say Miss Wales is not for everyone. I have spent years wishing it was! While I make the initial selection, from there on in it really is up to the girls themselves. In a five minute interview, it’s quite difficult to actually gauge who is ‘high energy’ enough to be a Miss Wales finalist. I, like most people, like to look for the best in everyone because I want girls to be a part of the experience – I know how good it will be for them.

The reality is that Miss Wales is very proudly a rather big ask! Not so much of money or time – but energy and commitment, and in equal parts confidence and determination.

For anyone who thinks it’s just a chance to strut down a catwalk in a posh dress, well, they’re likely to have a big surprise. That ‘strut’ is a celebration of a much longer journey that concludes with the final show and all the wonderful activities surrounding it that each of the girls there have earned.

To see them come on from the interview stage, through the challenges, events, activities and most importantly charity fundraising is an absolute pleasure. They grow before my eyes as young role models and it is without doubt the best part of the job. The fact that we can do it all glammed up in posh frocks and fabulous heels to celebrate the beauty and strength of femininity is a wonderful bonus.

This month in particular, I am seeing the girls really dig deep for Beauty With A Purpose as we mobilise the FAB FEB FUNDRAISER programme with events and activities thoughout the month to raise money to help disadvantaged children around the world.

So while we call it the FAB FEB FUNDRAISER, it’s more GREAT GIRLS GOING FOR IT – and I’m one of their biggest fans watching it all come together from the sidelines 🙂

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