Paula Abbandonato - Miss Wales Director - July 2015

9 July 2015
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9 July 2015, Comments 0

So it all begins again…the first set of invitations have been issued for Miss Wales 2016. It’s actually my favourite part of the process! Meeting the girls, hearing their stories, wondering when the next ‘winner’ will walk through the door.
The shame of it is however that lots of girls actually decline the interview (at best) or just don’t turn up (at worst) even though they’ve taken the trouble to apply. It’s a crisis of confidence. People make excuses, but generally it’s a lack of confidence that gets in the way. You can’t win it if you’re not in it so ladies please don’t be the person to tell yourself you’re not good enough!
So pre-interview, here’s some tips…
• Research – we live in the world of google. If you’re not sure how a pageant girls presents herself, it’s all out there to find.
• The real you – be the best version of you that you can be. That doesn’t mean ‘false’ everything from tans to lashes to extensions! The more successful option is to try really hard to look your best without looking like you’ve tried at all.
• Dress smart! As Vivien Westwood says ‘if in doubt overdress’. We tend to agree with that.
• Heels? Yes, as a rule, but not compulsory. Only ones you can walk in please 😉
• Present yourself as a winner, walk tall, stand straight – even if inside you feel nervous!
• Smile! Honestly, it’s the best accessory you can wear.
• Think of what’s good about you. Not everyone is an accomplished athlete, fabulous performer or huge academic success but we all have our qualities. What’s yours?
Oh, and if you have a wobble, let me tell you a secret, so will everyone else! The truth is none of us ever actually feels that we are ‘enough’. Some may might think we’re not tall enough, others might think we’re not clever enough, others might think they are not pretty enough…the list goes on. Welcome to the real world. That’s just life! The key is managing your fears and doing what you want to do anyway. I can promise you now you’ll be in good company 

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