Paula Abbandonato - Miss Wales director - March 2015

17 March 2015
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17 March 2015, Comments 0

So it’s March and my feet have just about touched the ground after the Miss Wales 2015 final. I am exhausted in a happy way! More than 10 years on and each final is every bit as exciting as the one the year before!
I want to congratulate all the finalists this year on being an amazing group of people. There were some fantastic characters – and I mean that in the nicest of ways! They got on it seems like a house on fire and a reunion is already on the cards. I think that’s just fantastic.
The overall title went to the lovely Emma Jenkins from Llanelli who will now represent Wales at Miss World later this year – can’t wait to find out when and where!
In 2015, however, I am really doing what I can to encourage our regional titleholders who were also crowned at the Miss Wales final to make their year an active one! It is too much a responsibility and too big a task to expect Emma to reach all of Wales as Miss Wales and hold down a full time job!
There is so much that our regional titleholders can do…and to not do it would be a wasted opportunity! This year is not going to come back again – they need to grab it with both hands. They are being tasked with championing causes that empower, protect and celebrate women; show their support to local charities and organisations; work with our fantastic leadership coach Harry Singha to take leadership and empowerment in to schools. It’s a really big ask I know…but why not? As I say from the start with every girls who applies for Miss Wales, if you just want a sash and tiara you are in the wrong place. If you’re looking for a potentially life-changing, confidence-enhancing opportunity where you give back as much as you receive, well come on in….we’re going to get on well! 

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