Paula Abbandonato - Miss Wales director - May 2015

29 May 2015
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29 May 2015, Comments 0

It’s that time of year again, when just a couple of months after crowning our current titleholder, we already start looking for her successor!
It’s a strange thing to do really, but even though Wales is a small country, we still have a lot of ground to cover.
In recent years, I’ve come to realise that the girls most likely to succeed in the Miss Wales competition are the ‘do-ers’. And when I mean succeed, that doesn’t just mean winning the crown, I mean ‘win’ in the sense of throwing all their energies in to it and making it an experience to remember.
Those who hide behind the infamous facebook selfie rarely prosper. In my opinion, the more time you spend ‘posting’ on social media, the less time you actually spend ‘doing’! It may be a generational perspective after all Facebook wasn’t even invented when I was the age of a Miss Wales hopeful.
I think what I am saying is that while our competition is about glamour, fashion, pageantry – it is also about getting stuck in, involved, being brave enough to put yourself out there and taking a bit of a risk. It doesn’t really attract those who are glued to their phone and live a lot of their lives in a social media bubble.
Having said that, I am a huge of fan of all that is facebook, twitter, Instagram and the like. It adds huge value to the way we communicate with our friends, family and the outside world. It is however, a form of media nonetheless, and should be treated as such. It’s your own personal newspaper that can be read by so many people – despite your privacy settings – and as a PR person I am always mindful of how we all portray ourselves to the outside world.
I think the Miss Wales experience gives young women an opportunity to show their values, interests, ambitions and personality in an extremely positive and engaging way through social media. Isn’t that a better way of showing yourself off to the world, than a selfie in the loos of a bar on a Friday night? Just a thought, and that of one who is 46 years old admittedly 🙂

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