Sadie Pulman - Spirit of Miss Wales winner - April 2015

16 April 2015
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16 April 2015, Comments 0

I honestly don’t know where to begin to explain the experience I’ve had this year. When I sent my Miss Wales application I had no idea that it would change my life. I’ve come away with friends for life, a new sense of confidence and an actual life plan!
Leading up to the final weekend we were told by Paula that Miss Wales was not about winning, it was about making the most of the experience and personal development. I cannot stress enough how true this is! There was three days scheduled for the final weekend- the empowerment day, the charity ball and then of course the on stage final! For me, all of these days were amazing and special in their own way, however the charity ball will always hold a special place in my heart. I had the honour of being awarded with the Spirit of Miss Wales title by Paula, who gave the most beautiful speech about me and how I’ve overcome some hard times. This moment was one of proudest and most touching moments of my life and I was so grateful, even if she did make me cry and then ask me to take a photo with her! (not a great look). This was overwhelming enough but it didn’t stop there for me! As a result of winning the Spirit of Miss Wales, I was also shocked to be gifted with a priceless, unforgettable experience by Life Coach, Harry Singha. This was of course Unleash the Power Within by famous life coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins!
UPW is a four day empowerment course that was held in London. I didn’t have any idea what to expect! I thought it would be fun but in my head I still had doubts. In my head I was already a confident, happy and positive person so could it REALLY do anything for me? How silly I was! The course was split in to four sections- Emotions, Relationships, Finances and Body. The four days were fairly full on with days from 9am right through until 11pm so I cannot possibly fit in all the information crammed into my brain over the four days into this blog. Instead I will simply tell you the changes and results I’ve seen in myself.
During the seminars we completed a ‘wheel of life’ in which we gave various sections of our lives ratings from 1-10 (one being low, 10 being the best it could possibly be) These were my ratings:-
Emotions & Meaning – 8
Physical Body – 7
Relationships – 5
Time – 5
Celebrate & Contribute – 4
Work/Career/Mission – 2
Finances – 1
To briefly explain what this means:- I felt quite confident with my emotions and am a fairly happy person. I was happy with my body but thought it could do with a bit of work to reach my standards. My relationships and time were only a five as I felt I didn’t have enough time for myself or for friends/family/partner due to work commitments and lack of energy. I also felt I couldn’t celebrate anything fully as I have recently dealt with the bereavement of my mother. It sounds insane but that left me feeling too guilty to be 100% happy and I created this belief that I would never enjoy anything properly without my mother being here to share it with me. My career and finance were both low as I felt confused about the current life plan I had and if I really wanted it, I also didn’t have much money to spend on myself as most of it goes on my bills.
Since UPW which was merely a few weeks ago my new ratings are:-
Emotions and Meaning – 9.5
Physical Body – 8.5
Relationships – 9
Time – 9
Celebrate and Contribute – 9
Work/Career/Mission – 8
Finances – 7
As you can see my scores are drastically increased, this is partially due to me viewing what I already have more positively but on the whole I have made some big life changes and decisions that have completely increased my quality of life. My scores are all high, however there is room for improvement, I feel this is because it has only been a matter of weeks but soon enough I will make all of these TENS.
I now feel I have better control of my emotions and mood and can get myself into a peak state before beginning anything. I am treating my body so much better now with plenty of exercise and some amazing new healthy meal plans! This has made me feel more confident about my body and helped me gain so much more energy. This has meant I need less sleep resulting in having more time and motivation to achieve more with my days. This has allowed me to put more time, effort and work into my relationship and I have never felt happier. I have now also got to a place where I can really enjoy and celebrate things. I view my loss in a much healthier way and have unlocked a new sense of gratitude for the time I had with my mother rather than focusing on her passing. I have new career prospects and am controlling my finances better, in fact I am in the process of saving money to set up my own business – so WATCH THIS SPACE! There are exciting things to come for me and it all started with Miss Wales!

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