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25th March 2015

Emma Jenkins - Miss Wales 2015 - March 2015

Where do I begin? I'm sat here trying to recount and remember all that has happened in the past two weeks, and it has been an exciting, life-altering blur. The best place to begin would be with March 5th - the first day of the Miss Wales final.

It was an amazing three days which were filled with laughter and good memories. I have never met such a kind and warm-hearted group of girls. I think I shared a conversation with each and every contestant over the course of the final, and I can honestly say I count them all as dear friends to me now. In fact, we have already planned a reunion - I can't wait to see them all again!

When I was announced as 'Miss Wales 2015', I hid my face in my hands . I couldn't quite believe it, nor could I force my legs to take steps towards Alice, to be crowned. The following day I met up with Paula Abbandonato to discuss the months ahead - I'm sure I'd have been looking slightly more worthy of my crown if I had been able to sleep a wink the previous night. We had a coffee and chatted, and it was at that moment that I actually realised how much my life had changed overnight.
Harry Singha and Selina Suardi joined us. They were both more than congratulatory and spoke such kind words to me. Harry led the empowerment event on the first day of the final. We have planned to meet and chat through the course of this year. Harry plans to support me for Miss World - he is a very generous man and I can't wait to work with him in the coming months.
We were also joined by Richard and Gil, who are pageant coaches in London. They have offered to coach me in preparation for Miss World, which I am very excited about. They have since arranged that I meet with their friend who is the hairstylist for Zoe Saldana and Emma Stone.
Needless to say - I left that meeting smiling like a Cheshire cat. A Cheshire cat too distracted to look at her phone - every time I looked, my notifications had doubled in quantity! Sunday was a mad day.

On Monday I walked into the open-plan office at my work, Tinopolis in Llanelli. Everyone stood up and gave me a massive applause. I was so proud to have made them proud. That day I think I gave roughly a million telephone interviews for newspapers and radio. That evening, another lifelong dream came true for me - I was able to sit on the yellow 'Heno' sofa, and be interviewed as a celebrity guest. I chatted to two dear friends of mine, Llinos Lee and Rhodri Owen, about the competition and my plans for the year. It was surreal to sit there chatting with them rather than being the one operating the Autocue, it felt amazing.

The following day, I filmed for the rugby themed magazine style programme, 'Jonathan' on S4C. I was interviewed by rugby world legends Nigel Owens and Jonathan Davies. I took part in the weekly game, "Ar y Pyst," where you have to kick foam rugby balls over rugby posts, and your score gets put on the leader board... I didn't do very well! Another amazing experience and I can't wait to appear on the show again this year.

On Friday the 13th, (lucky for some), I appeared on the teen show, "Tag" on S4C. I was accompanied on the sofa by Under 20's rugby captain, Steffan Hughes. We had so much fun, and the whole crew were mad as a box of frogs. I fitted in well!

The following Wednesday, I filmed for a music programme, "Y Lle", also on S4C. It was for a feature called, "Chwalu." You list your three pet hates, get dressed up in protective clothing, and smash 3 items to smithereens. You'll have to watch the programme to know what I chose!

On Thursday the 19th, Theresa Ashley and Olivia-Kate Larkman came into the Prynhawn Da studios to model on the show with me. It was so lovely to see them both. We had become close over the days of the final, so it was lovely to share the top three positions with girls I had really got to know. We modelled for Huw Fash - S4C's fashion expert. It was brilliant to chat with both girls and talk about the final, because as you can imagine - it all went so quickly for us!

My first shoot as the face of Tempest, the official sponsors of Miss Wales, was last Friday. It couldn't have gone any better! I met their new designer, Scott Henshall, who is absolutely fabulous! He was very complimentary which really boosted my confidence. When someone who has designed for Mulberry tells you something nice - it really does make you feel good! Tempest's new collection is to die for, I recommend you take a look at their website.
I also caught up with Sascha Martini, an amazing make-up artist from Swansea who was giving me cosmetic advice in prep for Miss World.

The past fortnight has been a whirlwind, I'm exhausted and happy and excited all at once, and I'm looking forward to the months ahead.
This weekend I will start my work to support the end of violence against women – a cause which will be my main focus over the next year. I have so many big plans that I can't wait to share with you all, and I hope I make you all proud, as your Miss Wales of 2015.

Thank you so much for reading. To keep up to date on things as they happen, follow me on twitter @emmavjenx and follow the official @miss_wales twitter for all things Miss Wales related! Applications are open for 2016, and I say do it! This could be you in a year's time!

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